Wednesday, October 31, 2012

GOP Flooding Voters With Right-Wing Propaganda Prior To Election

Anti-Obama Mailers Received By Florida Voter in ONE Day!
 Here is a real-world personal example of how much "dark money" is being spent by the GOP here in Florida. My parents live in Santa Rosa County Florida which is located near Pensacola Beach in the Florida panhandle. They have been receiving several robo-calls every day from Mitt Romney, Crossroads GPS (Karl Rove’s Super PAC), etc. In addition, they receive at least one anti-Obama mailer every day. Yesterday they received three robo-calls and four mailers. That’s SEVEN republican contacts in one day! Needless to say, each and every mailer and phone call is chocked full of inaccuracies and right-wing propaganda. I hate to inform these merchants of misinformation that my parents waited in line for over an hour to cast their ballot for President Barack Obama. It is worth noting that my father is a lifelong republican. The extremists that came to prominence in 2008 were just too much for him to take and this will be his second time voting for Barack Obama. The image above shows what my parents received in the mail yesterday.

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