Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lyndon Larouche "Douches" in Front of a Florida Post Office With Obama HITLER Posters!

For the second time in the past week this is the scene which has greeted me when I visited my local post office in Gulf Breeze, Florida. The photos show Lyndon Larouche supporters directly in front of the Post Office with their crazy signs and President Obama depicted with a Hitler mustache. Real classy guys. On both occasions they've called out to myself and other patrons while entering and exiting the Post Office. They encourage customers, by yelling, to visit their impromptu "information center." Apparently, one can find out why President Obama is comparable to Hitler and also why he needs to be impeached immediately after being re-elected by a wide margin. In addition, it appears that I could find out why World War III is certain to ensue unless President Obama is removed from office. These are all things I needed to know, but I was on my way to an appointment. I guess I will have to somehow go forward in my life without their secret, inside information. Maybe when I have more time I can take part in a roadside indoctrination in front of my local Post Office. I mean these guys must be legit, right? The Hitler mustache just screams credibility.

I questioned a Post Office employee about the legality of these "patriots" harassing customers and using that particular location. They informed me that the Gulf Breeze Police Department had already been called and determined that the Larouche fanatics were legally allowed to use that space and nothing could be done about their harassing behavior. The employees didn't seem to like the situation and several other customers chimed in with their discontent as well. It appears the only thing that can be done is to put these clowns on blast for the world to see. Here you go guys. You are now forever immortalized alongside your Obama/Hitler posters. A proud moment indeed.

NOTE: You can see in the following photos that the Larouche protesters have their full attention focused on the U.S. Post Office parking lot and are actively engaged in harassment of customers. Click on the images to view in full-size.

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